About Us

Osdom.ng is  Nigeria’s One-Stop online marketplace  where you can buy and sell with confidence, guaranteed buyer and seller protection & Escrow payment method. We are the most Reliable, Secure and convenient marketplace that protects the interest of Seller’s and their Customers.

One-Stop Marketplace

osdom.ng offers sellers limitless possibilities. The Seller  have the option of  choosing to post  free classified ads for  products or services or  to  sell the products

What We Do

We ensure that all transactions in Osdom Marketplace are successful. Buyers securely pay for products & Services. While the Seller delivers the exact order purchased by the buyer.

Our Featured Services

Our Buyer Protection policy covers your entire purchase journey.

Secure payments, Guaranteed refunds, Escrow protection on every order.

Our round-the-clock support team is available to help anytime

How selling on osdom.ng marketplace work

1. Seller list a product or service and must state the exact description and conditioned of the goods or services being sold for the buyer to make an informed decision. (For freelance services the freelancer must state the service being rendered and what the buyer gets after the completion of the service. For properties the seller must state exact description and documents of title to the property.)    

2. Buyer purchases the product or service and pays through the payment methods on our site. sellers are not to ask buyers to pay through a different method outside of the payment method on the site. 

3. Seller delivers the product or complete the service. (the seller has the responsibility of delivering items to buyers using their preferred shipping method and charging the delivery fee for the delivery.)

4. Buyer confirms order delivery.  (The buyers confirms the delivery of the goods within the stipulated timeframe and the goods or services being as described by the seller. where the goods or services is not as described, the buyers payment is refunded and seller sanctioned for misleading the buyer.) 

5. Payment is available for withdrawal by the seller after confirmation of the order by the buyer.